Sexual Reproductive Health Rights

The Tonga Leitis Association started working in the Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Field since the organisation started in 1992. This was only focus on Health & Wellbeing at that time. Later in 2017 the UNFPA and the Ministry of Health addressed the important of inclusiveness and to addressed the needs of Key Affected Population in Tonga. That's when TLA work close with the MOH Principle Planning Officer, Mr. Sioape Kupu and the Program Analysis Officer of the UNFPA in Tonga, Ms 'Elisi Tupou, recommended that TLA should also apply for UNFPA Grant 3 Years Cycle 2018 -2020 to support the TLA Peer Education. In 2018 TLA started with training 20 Peer Educator to prepared themselves for the long run of this organisations and providing services to the community. In 2019, TLA trained again 12 Peers to also carry on the work in Sexual Reproductive Health Rights. In 2020, TLA's indicators were increase up to train 110 peer educators for the year 2020. In 2020, TLA came up with a lot of Activities that under the SRHR, such as Camping, Consultation, Workshops and Retreat also the Fund were able to covered some of the staffs allowances and the admin costs. These activities were success and also UNFPA fund was able to support the developing the TLA Strategic Plan 2021 - 2025

TLA Activity in 2018

The TLA Activity in 2018 was for Peer Education and its indicator were 20 Peer Educator. This training took place at the Pasilica Conference Room, led by the TLA team - Peer Education TOT 2018

TLA Activity in 2019

The TLA Activity in 2019 were able to selected 12 members to carry on the work for TLA in the coming future. This was the developing of the SOGIE guideline and to be contexualised to Tonga Context. TLA hired Ms. Phylesha Acton Brown from the NZ Project and also a SOGIEs experts to led the training. This 4 Days training took place at the INternational Dateline Tanoa Hotel - TLA Retreat (SOGIEs Guideline)

TLA Activities in 2020

These are the success outcome of 2020;

TLA Activities in 2021

  • TLA Youth Camp
  • SRHR Training in Ha'apai
  • Elderly Reconnect Program
TLA Flower Arrangements & Event Decoration Courses
Hospitality & Cookery/Fashion Design & Tourism
To protect our Oceania
Prevention for Key Population in Tonga
Saturday 15th May - Tuesday 09th July 2024
Sunday 07th - Friday 12th July 2024
To Eliminate Violence Against Women, Girls and LGBTIQ