To Eliminate Violence Against Women, Girls and LGBTIQ

The Diverse Sexual Orientation and our Gender Identity & Expression Community need to be protect  each other and stand up to work and to eliminate violence against LGBTIQ Community.

Tonga Leitis Association is the only exist LGBTIQ organization in Tonga, its roles are to protect the rights of its members.

Tonga Leitis Association is working and secure a safe space for its member to eliminate all form of violences that women, girls and lgbtiq community faced 


    • Discrimination
    • Sexual Abuse
    • Labeling
    • Assault in many places
    • Verbally Abuse
    • Bullied in Schools, Youth Gathering
    • Tortured
    • Harassment 


    • Important thing to know is that when you provide this service for those that they have nowhere to go but our rainbow family facility
    • Create safe space center for the members that faced GBV
    • Create an online platform to communicate with the survivors
    • Adopt a Referral Pathway Guideline to use and avoid delaying of report
    • Document all cases that approach the TLA Centre to know weather the violence are increase over the year or going down
    • Make sure that TLA secure a trust and safe referral system for the safety of the survivors
    • Provide Awareness on GBV against LGBTIQ people to the community
    • Collaborate with schools and youth organisations and educate them on how to end GBV
    • Provide counseling for survivors and their health and wellbeing
    • Make sure there are Law to protect the LGBTIQ community
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Sexual Reproductive Health Rights
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To protect our Oceania
Prevention for Key Population in Tonga
Saturday 06th May - Saturday 08th July 2023
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