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This project is funded by the Rei Foundation under the project "Equipped for Change" by supporting TLA members that dropped out from school. The Ahopanilolo Technical Institutte are welcome these students that TLA nominated and selected, because of their natural talent and skills. 

You can visti our donor here, REI FOUNDATION


The Tonga Leitis Association has more than 500+ members and there are more that not yet record in the TLA membership system. These are the LGBT people that are staying in the remote islands and also the remote areas at the mainland. The TLA admin team are aware of those that are in need of assistant and also struggle in finance support.

Most of the Leitis are staying in relatives and also friends, these leitis has experienced some of labelling and discrimination, for they are not entitle to a job to provide anything to help for their living. These are the members that we think that TLA should support as they can do better in life.

The admin team selected the students and bring their names for table discussion with the Advisory committee that they are the decision makers of Tonga Leitis Association. The TLA has an policy of by selection of the students to in line with the TLA Core Values. The selections has to be under the value of diversity and inclusiveness.

So here are the structure that how the focal person do;

  1. Advertise the Application Form in the social media and also the radio
  2. Review the applications by the 2 focal person and pick the selections
  3. Present the applicants to the Advisory Committee for review
  4. Advisory vote and reveal the result
  5. The focal person will be announce the success applicants in the social media and contacted
  6. The applicants will be complete the agreement form with the TLA and the Parent or the guardian


The Administration is based at the TLA Headquarter in Nuku’alofa. Its role in this project is to maintain the project and to look after the scholarship. The Admin Team are looking after the program are, are Joey Mataele & Cruella Tu’inukuafe. These two are the main focus person in Tonga that works close with the Ahopanilolo Technical Institution in follow up with the studies of TLA Scholars.

Joey Mataele was responsible for selection of our scholarships students, by hand pick them from the members that are struggle with financial support at home and also hardly any reliable income for the family. As we all know, Tonga is a small country and TLA are able to identify its members and easy to locate them in the island.

Cruella is responsible for all the Admin work at the TLA Office. She is also responsible for the communication between the Principle and teachers at the Institutions on how each scholar are doing at the classroom. Cruella is also responsible on holding the fund from the Rei-Foundation to pay for these student’s school fees and all that.


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